Export New York Program

Exporting is one of the most effective means of expanding sales and markets for healthy businesses. Whether your company is considering exporting, selling internationally on a limited basis, or fully engaged with an international distribution network, Export New York can assist your growth.

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This comprehensive executive training program leverages industry, private, university and governmental resources to assist your company in increasing its growth potential through successful exporting to international markets. Export New York is designed for executives responsible for their company’s international marketing, finance, and operations. It helps participants determine which international markets are attractive, prioritize efforts, develop strategies to penetrate each market and tackle the legal, cultural, logistical and regulatory issues of doing business abroad.

Prominent industry and global trade consultants, as well as advisors from the U.S. Commercial Service and Global New York, ESD will present on topics including product adaptation for exporting, researching and selecting foreign markets, international marketing and e-commerce, export regulations, legal compliance, trademarks and intellectual property considerations, export finance and banking, selection of international partners, global supply chains and export logistics, risk insurance, and more.

Customized assistance from Export New York Program advisors & instructors, and guided research support from CIBA’s interns.

Export New York was developed by the Center for International Business Acceleration in close collaboration with the Alliance for Manufacturing & Technology (AMT). Other key partners include the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Global New York Program of Empire State Development, and the Workforce Development Institute.

The Program has been designed to assist successful companies with a significant commitment to the international marketplace. Companies may be currently exporting but wish to expand their international business, or they may not be currently exporting but they have identified exporting as an integral component of their business development plans and can demonstrate the ability to support exporting activities.

The Program covers the key elements of international business & exporting:

  • Going Global. Topics include: Why Go Global? Benefits & Risks; Assessing the Company Readiness to Go Global; Exporting Services – Export Resources at the Federal Level, Export Resources in New York State and the Southern Tier.
  • Researching and Selecting Foreign Markets. Topics include: The Global Business Environment; Foreign Market Entry Strategies; Developing an Export Strategy – The Foreign Market Export Plan; Export Marketing Research – Methods and Sources, Finding and Evaluating Foreign Partners.
  • Legal Considerations. Topics include: Export Regulations; International Contracting (International Distributor Agreements); Harmonized Codes System; Export Compliance and Intellectual Property Considerations.
  • International Product Marketing. Topics include: Product Design, Adaptation, and Certification; International Trademarking; International Marketing Plans; E-Exporting Tools – International Website Design & Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Trade Finance and BankingRisk Insurance. Topics include: Benefits of Interest Charge – Domestic International Sales Companies (IC-DISCs); International Trade Finance and Banking; International Business Exposures and Risk Management/Insurance; Government Export Assistance Programs.
  • Export Logistics. Topics include: The Value Chain in Export Logistics – International Supply Chain Management; Role of the Freight Forwarder in Export Logistics; International Freight & Cargo Insurance; INCOTERMS & How to Use Them.
  • Cross-Cultural Business Practices. Topics include: Doing Business Across Cultures – Do’s & Don’ts; Foreign Business Ethics/Issues; International Business Communications and Business Travel Abroad; Top Ten Lessons for Developing, Implementing, and Sustaining a World-Class Global Market Entry Strategy.

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