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Training and Education

All of us are affected by economic and business decisions made on the other side of the world. Clothes we buy come from China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Haiti and many other countries across the globe. Technologies we use are developed in Japan, India, Brazil, and other countries. Today, international transactions as part of business are the norm. Even purely domestic firms have to deal with international issues, be it in the form of imported supplies or foreign competitors. It is therefore imperative for us to understand how some of the most powerful organizations in the world make and implement decisions, and the impact of international transactions and the global economy on managerial decisions and our everyday lives.

We provide customized training and services to companies
in the Southern Tier region thus preparing their employees
for successful performance in a globalized economy.

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A selection of courses offered at Binghamton University address many facets of international business – how to communicate across cultures, how to choose the most suitable market for exporting, how to decide between a production investment in Peru and one in Indonesia, how to interact effectively with governments and key stakeholders in foreign markets, and how to gain a competitive advantage vis-à-vis other companies operating in the global marketplace.

  • ECON 314. Economics of Developing Countries
  • ECON 414. Economic Development of East Asia
  • ECON 436. International Trade
  • ECON 437. International Monetary Economics
  • GLST 390. Introduction to Cross-Cultural Experiences
  • GLST 392. Cross-Cultural Immersion
  • GLST 490. Global Studies Capstone Seminar
  • IBUS 311. Introduction to International Business
  • IBUS 480E/581A. Doing Business in Emerging Markets
  • IBUS 480E/581A. Global Business Risk Management
  • MGMT 411. Global Strategic Management
  • MGMT 530. Global and Ethical Environment
  • MKTG 470. International Marketing
  • UNIV 280D. Global Entrepreneurship