Shailesh Upreti

Chairman, iM3NY & President, C4V LLC

Dr. Shailesh Upreti is the Chairman of the Board of iM3NY, an international consortium dedicated to building the next generation of smart factories for the cobalt-free lithium-ion batteries. He is also the founder and President of C4V, a startup focused on the commercialization of next generation energy storage.

Dr. Upreti is an entrepreneur, mentor and inventor of multiple breakthrough technologies. With more than 20 years of exclusive experience in developing strategies to advance new technologies, his entrepreneurial work has shown substantial impact to trigger and influence many projects in academics as well as in industry. His findings have been published in 100+ peer-reviewed international journals and multiple technologies have been commercialized across the globe in various verticals. He holds more than six patents in the United States and their equivalent in 35+ countries. He is well integrated into the global energy & digital payment industry and serves on various advisory boards to bridge the gap between meaningful findings from applied research and commercialization. He was also awarded a cash prize of USD 500,000 in the world’s largest business competition on clean energy, 76West, for his innovative energy storage technology.

He was born in a small village in Uttarakhand, a northern state of India where most of his education took place before graduating with a doctorate from the premier Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.