Neel Nayak

International Trade Manager, Global New York (ex officio)

Neel Nayak serves as the International Trade Manager for Empire State Development’s Global NY team. In his current capacity, he focuses on international trade development for the Mid-Hudson and Southern Tier regions of New York State, guiding businesses through the intricate landscape of global trade via the Global NY Export Assistance Programs. Neel’s dedication lies in empowering New York State enterprises to navigate the early stages of exporting and expanding into international markets.

Neel’s extensive experiences across diverse sectors like technology, finance, risk, and entrepreneurship directly benefit his current role in international trade development. This diverse expertise enables him to provide structured approaches, mitigate risks, and craft innovative solutions for businesses venturing into international markets. Passionate about building stronger local communities by driving economic growth within his regions, Neel’s primary goal is to establish lasting collaboration among local businesses, governmental bodies, and trade organizations.