Seventh Global Trade and Investment Forum, April 7, 2022

 The Center for International Business Advancement (CIBA) is excited to share with you the opening issue of its INSIGHTS@CIBA, a quarterly publication focused on the deep interconnectivity between regional and global economies.

Drawing on innovative policy-oriented research and publications on the most recent trends in the global economy, INSIGHTS@CIBA will:

  • Allow regional stakeholders to better understand global and industry trends and regularly benchmark their own performance against peers and competitors
  • Provide actionable insights to Southern Tier businesses and economic development organizations to help them identify growth opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimize their competitive positions in the regional, national and global marketplace

We selected Clean Energy, New Battery Technologies and Sustainable Economic Growth as the focus of INSIGHTS@CIBA’s first issue. Environmentally-friendly sources of energy are going to be at the forefront of the global economy in upcoming years, and CIBA’s goal is to support the Southern Tier’s involvement in innovating and manufacturing new energy technologies. 

READ Issue 1, May 2022. Clean Energy, New Battery Technologies and Sustainable Economic Growth

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